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About a2zReading

Dyslexia Awareness

Online one-on-one sessions

Become a Certified
Phono-Graphix Reading Therapist  

Educational clinic that offers online sessions to help overcome struggles in literacy (reading)

Bilingual English/Arabic students struggling academically due to dyslexia or other learning differences.

This can be done at the convenience of your home.

Online one-on-one sessions using Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meets.

The only licensed trainer from the Phono-Graphix company in the Middle East since trainer is bilingual in English/Arabic. 

Consultancy services on how to become a Reading Therapist

Consulting services for families facing challenges with their children due to learning difficulties 

Helping Adults overcome their dyslexia challenges

Teaching Arabic as a second language for English speaking adults


My name is Laila Beidas

I am the owner and operator of a2zReading Clinic. I am a Certified Reading Therapist since 2010.

In addition I am a Certified Phono-Graphix Trainer offering one-on-one live training sessions for special needs' educators and parents, to become certified trainers in Phono-Graphix reading therapy program for dyslexic people.

I am the only licensed trainer from the Phono-Graphix company in the Middle East. 

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Below are some of the services I provide in my Reading Clinic



  • Does your child like to read? Is your child struggling with reading and spelling?

  • Specialized reading programs in teaching decoding, spelling and comprehending what is being read will lead to fluency.

  • A simple assessment exercise is given in the first session to determine the needs.

  • Easy homework exercises and books of the student's interest will be assigned to make reading more fun.

  • Apps, books, workbooks, games, songs  and much more will be ready in every session to make learning fun and easy.



  • Is your child diagnosed with dyslexia or any other learning difficulty?

  • Help your child overcome his/her learning difficulty with one of the most effective and fastest reading methods.

  • Help for bilingual English/Arabic students struggling with reading.

  • For children and adults.

  • Gain the confidence needed to advance and succeed academically.

  • Reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. 

  • Personalized sessions based on evaluation.



  • Licensed and certified to train teachers, speech pathologists, educators or any person interested in this field.

  • It is ideal for International schools in the Middle East and around the world.

  • Let's talk about making an impact in your community and start a rewarding career.

  • If you're not a native English speaker, a test needs to be passed prior to starting the certificate.

  • Materials for the certification must  be purchased from the Phono-Graphix company, and an exam given directly from the company is given at the end of the course.   



  • How to Become a Reading Therapist.
    Providing you with all the information you need to put you on a path of becoming a Reading Therapist.
    (Coming up in 2023) 

  • Consulting services providing  the needed resources for families who are facing academic and social challenges with their children due to learning differences such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, apraxia, ADHD, autism, etc.
    (Send a request to my email).
    First 40 minute Zoom meeting is free to gather information about the clients and what are their goals.   

My daughter Lisa loved having you as her reading specialist. Her last performance at the standardized testing showed the great work you've done with her. Thank You!

Mother of a 9 years old girl from Alexandria, VA

Mrs. Laila, has made such an impact on my Arabic language. She provides the best technics to truly allow me to understand the language and make me more confident in my reading and talking abilities in a short amount of time. She’s efficient, caring and a great teacher!  

A 16 year old Arab American student.

My homeschooled son liked working with you. Different, effective and fast methods lead to success. Awesome Job!

A mother of a homeschooled student.



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