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The a2zReading Clinic Inc. offers flexible times and packages to make the learning experience fun and affordable. Sessions are one-to-one and can take place online, at the student's school, or at a nearby public library. 

The first hour is free for assessment. I use the first hour to give the diagnostic assessment test to determine and specify the problems. I provide the family with a full report of the test results and my recommendations. The clinic offers reading therapy not reading tutoring. Go to to understand the difference.

Extra Services


a2zReading Clinic is pleased to offer online sessions to introduce students to Arabic Language. Customized and personalized sessions are offered depending on individuals' needs. 


Some families prefer to learn the Modern Classic Arabic and some prefer to learn the dialects depending on the family's country of origin.

These sessions teach basic Arabic language, conversations, everyday phrases, and culture. The learning journey will introduce the student to history, traditions, food, clothes, songs and celebrations. The student will learn to read, write and speak Arabic. 

These sessions are ideal for expats, young children with Middle Eastern roots, bilingual students struggling to decode and read Arabic language, or any individual who is curious to learn and have a taste of this fascinating language and culture. 

The clinic offers these packages:

Package A

$105/hour for once a week of reading therapy or dyscalculia support.

First set of workbooks is provided by the clinic. Other needed materials will be charged. This is for both languages English and Arabic.

Package B

$95/hour. If it's twice a week, $190/week.

First set of workbooks is provided by the clinic. Other needed materials will be chargedThis is for both languages English and Arabic.

Package C

Offered during summer breaks only.

Intensive training of 4 hours per day, 5 times a week. Offered for 4th graders and up. $850/week. At least two weeks are needed to make progress . This package is not for everyone. The first assessment will determine the eligibility. 


Send requests to for pricing.

Arabic As A Second Language

$60 for 1 hour. Books will be charged plus shipping and handling.

This service will teach students how to relate the classic Arabic to everyday language, and will strengthen their abilities to understand, speak, read and write Arabic.

*** Prices are subject to review on an annual basis***

The clinic will provide the student's family with follow up emails, videos (if needed), phone calls and/or meetings to guarantee support and involvement during therapy.

Payments must be made in advance by a check, money orders, or credit cards for the online sessions. After receiving an email from the prospective student, a follow up email will be sent from the reading therapist to schedule the first session and to agree on fees, location, day and time of the sessions. 

Location: one-to-one at school, at the public libraries, or online for local students. Skype, FaceTime or Zoom sessions for national or international students. 

Cancellation Policy: Unless an emergency occurs, a 48-hour cancellation period is required in order for me to make up the cancelled session. (Please check the contract).


After you have contacted the instructor and are ready to make a payment please click on
"Pay Now" using safe and secure PayPal (for international students).

You can also pay by Venmo, Zelle inside the USA.

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