Laila Beidas, member of different associations for learning difficulties, member of the Phono-Graphix Association of Reading Therapists, and the International Dyslexia Association


Laila Beidas - Certified Reading Therapist

Laila Beidas

Mrs. Laila Beidas is the owner and the operator of a2zReading Clinic Inc.

She holds degrees in computer science and accounting. She attended Columbia University in New York City and studied English for Business and French Language and Conversation at the School of Continuing Education. Laila lived in different states around the USA and a number of countries around the world.

She is a mother of four children, with a long volunteering experience  in her community. 

Laila became a certified reading therapist in 2010 when she faced challenges with one of her children who struggled with literacy. Throughout the years, Mrs. Beidas added to her knowledge and skills. She realized the importance of specialized reading therapy. Now she can help beginners or remedial students with any ability overcome their struggle and boost their performances and confidence. 

Laila is a certified Phono-Graphix Trainer for parents, special needs' educators, and schools. She has about ten years of experience and she is pleased to help others become certified trainers in Phono-Graphix reading therapy program for dyslexic people.

Mrs.Beidas is ESL certified.

To better assist students with dyscalculia, Laila has received Abacus special training, the old method of counting that work real well with clarifying Math concepts.  

Laila is a member of different associations that offer services for learning difficulties. She is a member of the Phono-Graphix Association of Reading Therapists, and the International Dyslexia Association. While studying, Laila participated in


different workshops and conferences for dyslexia and learning differences. DCIDA Conferences: Literacy in Action, Phono-Graphix for learning differences Workshop, and Language Wise training. Laila educated herself about most of the reading programs used for dyslexia. For example: Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Method, Read Naturally and Lindamood-Bell. Laila attended many reading seminars about literacy and dyslexia. She is a big advocate of literacy in her community. She helps out with reading tutoring programs at private and public schools in DC and VA. 


Mrs. Beidas established a reading clinic online. After years of working with struggling readers, Laila decided to think outside the box and reached out to a wider range of people in need of such services. Her online clinic offers help to children around the world struggling with literacy. Given the fact that Mrs. Beidas is bilingual in English and Arabic, she can help beginner and remedial students overcome literacy struggles due to dyslexia or other learning differences.  

Mrs. Beidas will teach the concepts of the English written-code, and this will improve the auditory processing skills during the therapy sessions. The struggling students will start reading and their literacy will improve tremendously.