5-Star Rating!

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Laila Attiga Beidas as a trainer and affiliate for Phono-Graphix®.

I have known Laila for almost a year and know her to be full of enthusiasm for the Phono-Graphix® method and passionate about bringing it to people in need. She is a highly motivated professional who develops inspiring relationships with her students.  


(A letter of recommendation from a colleague)

Mrs. Laila Beidas established a reading clinic online.  After years of working with struggling readers, Laila decided to think outside the box and reached out to a wider range of people in need of such services. In addition, this clinic offers help for people dealing with dyscalculia and/or dysgraphia. Also students with ADHD and other learning challenges will succeed academically. Her online clinic offers help to children around the world struggling with literacy. Given the fact that Mrs. Beidas is bilingual in English and Arabic, she can help beginner and remedial students overcome literacy struggles due to dyslexia or other learning differences.  

Mrs. Beidas a2zReading Clinic will teach the concepts of the English written code, and this will improve the auditory processing skills during the therapy sessions.

The struggling students will start reading and their literacy will improve tremendously.


The ​a2zReading Clinic offers one-on-one sessions in person or online to help beginner readers and remedial students of any age or ability overcome their struggle. They will be able to decode, read, spell. and understand the material effectively

and efficiently.

This reading clinic can help bilingual English/Arabic students overcome their struggles in decoding the English written code. From symbol to sound to meaning, reading the English language will be  EZ as a2z.

  • A well known instructional method, Phono-Graphix® will be used for Dyslexia.

  • Other researched-based and developmentally appropriate resources may also be used.

  • A simple and easy assessment test will be given during the first session. 

  • Effective and fun applications are used to make learning a fun experience.

  • Learn how to decode the written text.

  • Become a better reader/speller.

  • Each session is personalized depending on each individual's learning difficulties.

  • Techniques are simple, concrete, powerful and affordable.

  • Dysgraphia: difficultly with letters and numbers formation and motor skills.

  • Dyscalculia:  difficulty understanding math concepts. For example cannot do a simple addition/subtraction problem. Abacus and finger training.

  • Comprehension: difficulty understanding what the person's reads or listens to.

  • Spelling: difficulty using the correct sound pictures that represent the sounds in words, known as AUDITORY PROCESSING DISORDER (APD).

  • ​a2zReading Clinic offers training for parents, special needs educators, and schools to become certified Phono-Graphix therapists.

  • This training can be done in person or online for one or two persons.

  • Workshops are also offered for schools that are interested in having their English teachers become familiar with this awesome reading program.

  • Materials must be purchased from the mother company.

Books to Read

Reading Reflex

by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness

Why Our Children Can't Read And What We Can Do About It 

by Diane McGuinness, Ph.D

Basic Facts About Dyslexia & Other Reading Problems

by Louisa Cook Moats and Karen E. Dakin

Overcoming Dyslexia

by Sally Shaywitz, M.D

How To Increase Your Child's Verbal Intelligence

by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness Check out articles and research papers by Mrs. Erin Duncan, The CEO of Phono-Graphix® Reading Company.