a2zreading clinic | FAQ that will provide information for both students and their families


When our loved ones struggle academically, their families try to find assistance in the learning process. Reading skills are the core of education. When literacy is mastered, the doors of the future will be opened widely. The following are some Q&A that will provide information for both students and their families:

Who are the prospective students?

The a2zReading Clinic can help anyone who has weak reading skills due to dyslexia or any other learning difficulty. It serves adults and children and in both languages English and Arabic. All sessions are customized based on each individual's needs. The a2zReading Clinic can help bilingual English/Arabic dyslexic students understand the concepts of the English written code to improve their literacy level.

How can the clinic be contacted?

 A request form the prospective student should be sent from the contact & contract page, or you can sign up to my email list below. I will work to set an agreeable day and a time for the first session. The first session will be a kind of a meet and greet to the student and the family. It will also be utilized for the free assessment for literacy level.

The a2zReading Clinic has Facebook and Instagram pages that the student/family can check out.

What is next?

The first session is free. The instructor and the student/parent will meet each other personally or online. We discuss the needs of the student.If applicable, an assessment exercise is presented on the first session to give the clinic a better idea of the student's performance. A full evaluation report with recommendations will be emailed to the student or the family. Afterwords the journey of mastering literacy will begin.

What makes a2z Reading Clinic's experience unique?

The relationship between the student and the clinic must be positive and nurturing in order for the learning experience to be successful. The clinic uses all research-based reading programs with the highest successful rates. Each session is personalized depending on the student's needs. The environment is relaxed, positive, affirming, compassionate and affordable. A follow up email is sent after each session that explains the work that was done and the homework that will support the lessons. The a2zReading Clinic provides the students with the workbooks that are needed. As for children, the instructor uses different tools to guarantee the engagement of the student throughout each session.

How much time is needed for the best results?

The time varies between students depending on many factors like the first assessment test, the enthusiasm that each student shows during lessons. On average, a minimum of 18-24 hours are needed to show good results. The assessment evaluation is given again around the sixth or seventh session to give an idea about the student's progress and improvement. A final assessment will also be given at the end with a final report.

The cost of these sessions?

The a2zReading Clinic has very affordable and reasonable rates. Remember this is therapy not tutoring. These sessions will change the way the student analyzes the code and the text. The rate varies depending on each person's needs. The prospective student/family has four different packages to choose from. The first hour is always free. The sessions also can be online which is convenient for many people, and it serves a bigger range of students locally, nationally, and internationally. Go to Packages page.

Bonuses from the clinic to the students:
  • A free assessment test and a full evaluation report.

  • Workbooks needed. 

  • Interesting books at the student's level.

  • A follow up emails and videos (as needed) to keep the students and their families aware of the learning process.

  • The assessment is given again after a few sessions and at the end to show the progress and the improvements.

  • Games, songs, short stories to read and many more activities are used to keep the student engaged and happy.

  • The clinic works on the reading comprehension along with mastering literacy so the student will improve in both reading and comprehension skills.

  • "Tokens of Appreciation" are given after each session and a gift after the final assessment.