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Why a2zReading

My Story

When my daughter, was in second grade, her English teacher brought to my attention that she needs help with literacy. She was reading below her grade level. Although her father and I were reading to her when she was little, we never noticed that she was struggling. At the beginning, I hired a reading tutor but it was not addressing the problem.

I was advised to look for a reading therapist, meaning someone who is trained to address the problem from its core. I finally was able to find a Phono-Graphix therapist. My daughter showed improvement from the early stages of therapy.

I had to support my daughter throughout her sessions in Phono-Graphix and I was impressed by how effective, straight-forward and structured this program is. The success my daughter had with this program made me want to help other kids with the same struggles.

a2zReading approach

Reading English can be a struggle for a big number of students whether they been diagnosed with a learning difficulty like Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder or simply they weren't able to pick up the classic phonics approach.


These struggles prevent students from reaching their fullest potential and making adequate progress.


Here the student will be given a simple assessment test to determine his or her literacy level, then the one-on-one sessions will be planned accordingly. The student will soon be decoding, encoding, reading, spelling and comprehending what is written.


This will lead to a better outcome at school in all subjects. Literacy is the key to success. Learning Differences are challenges rather than disabilities. 

English: From sound to symbol to meaning

Learning to read well is the most important skill any student needs to do well. In fact, it is the building blocks to his/her future. Reading and decoding English can be a struggle to many students even native speakers. Struggling readers' lives are filled with anxiety that prevents them from doing well academically.


The student will learn the difference between print to speech vs speech to print methods. The brain will change the way it looks at the words, and it will gain the skills needed for decoding the language.

In this clinic, you will find the help you need. With a simple assessment test, the problem will be determined and therefore solved. Students will be reading fluently as fast as a2z.


During the early years of schooling, many children face learning difficulties and can be diagnosed with dyslexia. Dyslexic children struggle with reading, and therefore their spelling, writing and comprehension get affected. In fact, 1 out of 5 students in the USA read below their grade level. In the Middle East and around the world, some students are labeled as unintellectual because of reading difficulties. 

Dyslexia is not a disease, but rather a unique collection of symptoms that if addressed correctly using the best instructional approach, the results are proven to be very promising.

Many dyslexic people are bright and artistic, but they can't achieve their fullest intellectual potential due to the fact that they read slowly or can't read at all.  Dyslexia causes anxiety and lowers students' self confidence. If your child is dyslexic,
a2zReading Clinic will help him/her overcome his/her difficulty. 

Here, the student will learn how to segment the sounds of the letters, and will be able to blend them so

they will have a meaning.

a2zReading Clinic will help the dyslexic students gain the most important skill needed to succeed.

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